Drupal 7 Unlimited Fields Remove Button

When working on a new Drupal 7 site I noticed it was missing a feature from the old D6 CCK days that allows you to remove a single item from a field that has unlimited values. Unfortunately, this is not built into Drupal 7's fields, and though there are a couple of threads on drupal discussing this issue, it is considered a feature request for D8 by the core developers.

In a D7 unlimited field, you 'delete' an item by emptying all of its values and saving the form. This works fine in practice but is highly unintuitive for a standard Drupal user (ie: clients) so I set out to make a simple hack-module.

This module creates a configuration page with a list of all your site's unlimited fields, allowing you to select which fields you want to apply this module to.

Functionally, the new remove button just hides the field and uses some brute force jQuery to empty the field's values. I'm not claiming it's pretty, but it gets the job done for my purposes.

Here is a link for the module.

And so there are no surprises, I've included the code below. My plan is to continue working on this by making it more drupal-like, and contributing it as real Drupal module.

Edit: Added module as a sandbox project on drupal.org here.