Why Choose Drupal for your Small Business?

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to your small business website. You could go with the default site builder that comes with your web host but it won’t look great and it can’t really do much beyond mimicking your brochure. Your friend’s nephew is pretty good with computers, he could whip you up a website. But he’s going off to school next semester and won’t be around to update it.

That’s why you should use Drupal. Drupal is a content management system or CMS. That means that you can edit any content without having to know HTML or any web programming. But why else should you use Drupal?

1.) Drupal is Free as in Beer

You can download it right now for free at drupal.org. You will never pay a penny for your Drupal software unless you need to have someone write custom code for you.

2.) Drupal is Free as in Speech

Drupal is open source software. That means that the code that runs Drupal is open to everyone who wants to take a look at it, modify it or update it. There’s no proprietary magic going on behind the scenes. There’s no hobbling the code for certain people. It’s just good, free, open code.

This is good for small business owners because if they are unhappy with their developer they can just get someone else to pick up where the last developer left off. No one can withold the “keys to the kingdom”.

3.) Drupal is Secure

Drupal is an open source framework. So millions of people around the world are testing and hardening it's defenses. Many recent attacks on large sites have been a result of a very simplistic "SQL injection" where the user bypasses system security by inputting data the the system didn't anticipate. Drupal has been immune to SQL injection attacks since 2006. Strong security is built into the core.

Whenever a vulnerability is found by the community a security patch is issued quickly to resolve the problem. This keeps Drupal sites a step ahead of hackers.

You can sleep soundly at night knowing that your data and your customers' data are safe.

4.) Drupal has a great community

The Drupal community is one of the best software communities around. If you need help with an issue forum posts are usually answered in an hour or less. If that’s not fast enough you can jump on IRC chat to get an answer right away.

Drupal developers are passionate about Drupal. They contribute modules that are well designed and accomplish almost any functionality. And they’re all free.

The community also loves new members. If you have your site built by a developer but then want to get in there and get your hands dirty there are plenty of opportunities to learn about Drupal. There are Drupal camps in cities all over the world where people get together for a few days to learn about Drupal. There are also Drupal conventions attended by more than 3000 people. Lots of places have informal Drupal lunches too, like Asheville.

5.) Drupal is extensible

Drupal itself doesn’t do everything by itself. It’s set up so you can install “modules” that add the functionality you want to your site. There are forums, slideshows, blogs, event calendars, e-commerce stores, picture and video galleries and surveys you can get up and running on your site in minutes with intuitive tested modules.

6.) Drupal is Scalable

You’re a small business now but the goal is always to grow. Drupal can grow with you. Large scale enterprises use Drupal for their sites: Whitehouse.gov, The Senate, The Onion, McDonalds, General Motors, Best Buy, the list goes on an on. But the moral is, no matter how big you get Drupal can get there with you.

If you think a Drupal site is right for you contact us, we’d love to work with you on making your dream a reality.