Today we will look at creating a module to allow you to export your views to code. While this concept has been explored on other blogs previously, several important end steps that I find particularly useful have been left out of those discussions. I would like to remedy that here, detailing an entire process for setting up the module, displaying use scenarios, and also showing the changes that this module will make to your views administration process.

This post describes generally how to create ajax paging comments, how to package the created comments into a feature, and how to override default views created by modules.

Ajax Comment Pagination

You know the biggest problem with comments? That's right, getting them to page using ajax so that users watching videos don't have to reload the page. Good answer!

So how does one go about making this happen in Drupal 6? Very easily actually. One simply makes their comments load in a view, and uses Views built in ajax to handle the pagination.