About Tupelo Honey Cafe:

The new website is a flexible and scalable application that facilitates the creation of sub-websites per restaurant location, accepts reservations for restaurant guests, and sells Tupelo Honey products within a single integrated system. It functions as a tool for Tupelo Honey to simplify and expand upon the management of the company’s online presence. Additionally, it acts as a resource for visitors of individual restaurants and the online store by providing easy access to information, products, and services.

Goals: Tupelo Honey needed a new e-store that was fully integrated into their website, had the ability to ship to multiple addresses in each order and could update user loyalty card points automatically through a 3rd party API. We implemented the store using Drupal Commerce and a large amount of custom coding.

About Educational Partners International, LLC (EPI):

EPI is a program that recruits highly qualified international teachers to teach in North Carolina, South Carolina, & Florida. The EPI website syncs international teachers who are looking to teach in the southeast United States with schools that have specific needs. Users go through a multi-stage screening process on the website, to make sure they meet the high standards of EPI and the various schools seeking teachers. Much of this process is automated by the site, moving the users through multiple user levels as they complete certain requirements of the program.

Goals: Multiple upgrades were needed on the site in regards to Teachers' Applications & Profiles for ease of use. The goal of the project was to significantly improve the overall functionality of the site for both administrators and teachers. Focusing primarily on numerous upgrades to the teacher application process, we streamlined administrative tasks and outlined solid goals for the future growth of the site.

About Moog Music:

Moog Music is the creator and distributor of the Minimoog synthesizer. It sells new merchandise through its website, and also handles returns and customer service through the site. The website is a news blog for Moog Music's events and activities, an informational database on all the instruments by Moog, and a storefront for the Moog instruments and merchandise.

Goals: A new RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) system was needed to be fully integrated with the website. This database system, created with Drupal, also needed to migrate all customers and entries from the legacy system.

Goal: Create a new online presence for the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Develop an online report builder so users can generate their own reports. Integrate with the Chamber's existing database.

Forrest's Responsibilities: Develop the site based on the design by Scullytown. Coordinate a team to theme and code the back end for the report generator. Create an input and display system for all available reports. Interface with an existing outside database.

Jonathan's Responsibilities: Create a system to parse and import content from an outside database and publish it on the site natively.

Developed Under: Top Floor Studio

Goal: Design and develop a new web presence for Charlotte's first eco-industrial park, ReVenture Park. Build the site in Wordpress and train the business staff on its use.

Jonathan's Responsibilities: Develop the site based on the design by CakeWebsites. Build the site's theme, program many custom widgets, and determine best methods for handling unique content.

Developed under: Do Your Part

Goal: Update the site to reflect the new brand identity. Make important information more accessible to users. Feature outreach events on the front page.

Forrest's Responsibilities: Develop the site based on a design by the Florida Hospital Group. Finish under a tight deadline to meet match the new print campaign. Set up site architecture and develop features. Theme the site from a PSD along with another team member. Create a custom event sorting filter that integrates with Drupal's date field.

Developed Under: Top Floor Studio

Goal: Develop a content aggregation system that updates live as the user watches.

Jonathan's Responsibilities: As a personal project of Jonathan's it started out as a custom PHP framework which included user management, modules and hooks system, and a custom templating engine. Later he converted the system over to drupal and rewrote a significant amount of the code as custom drupal modules.

Goal: Migrate the site from Joomla to Drupal without adversely affecting the user experience. Bring a legacy MS Access database online. Allow for more flexible content management.

Forrest's Responsibilities: Convert the theme designed by Top Floor Studio from Joomla to Drupal. Create views that link display complex relationships between content types. Integrate custom Google Maps. Work with another developer to migrate two legacy databases to native Drupal content types. Created an admin dashboard to make managing multiple content types easy enough for entry level users.

Developed Under: Top Floor Studio

Goals: Develop a new web presence for Asheville's first online radio station, Asheville FM. Include scheduling functionality, audio streaming, and blogs for each show.

Jonathan's Responsibilities: Build the site in Drupal CMS using the Station module. Create a custom theme based on the designs of a member of the radio station. During development, it was necessary to modify the Station module in order to produce the expected results. Modifications were posted to drupal.org and later implemented into future releases of the module.

Goal: Give human rights funders access to a database of their peers so they can network more effectively. Create a members area where funders can post resources and jobs.

Forrest's Responsibilities: Set up site architecture. Create member area, job posting, user generated resource directory and funders directory. Made dynamic slideshow header with the ability to add and update slides. Put in a custom admin dashboard to make content management more intuitive.

Developed Under: Top Floor Studio