Jonathan Daggerhart - Owner / Developer

Jonathan Daggerhart has been developing web applications in PHP for over 13 years. His experience covers the most popular content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress, along with custom applications and the necessary technologies that make them all work. (x)HTML, CSS, jQuery, Apache, MySQL, etc.

Forrest Livengood - Owner / Developer

Forrest Livengood is a web developer with a focus on the Drupal content management system. He moved to Western North Carolina to help his parents and grandparents run an inn and llama farm. As a "trekmaster" he lead guests on hikes with llama companions.

A graduate of UNC Asheville, Forrest has been working with web technologies for the past few years. He worked with Joomla and Wordpress but eventually settled on Drupal. As a builder and module developer he always strives to follow best practices.

With a passion for web development Forrest is no stranger to tight deadlines and thinking on his toes. That mentality crosses over to his personal life where he is a member of The OxyMorons, Asheville's premiere improv comedy troupe.

Brandon Daggerhart - Developer

I am a Web Designer, Developer, Graphic Designer, and Musician. My first experience in building websites came in 2003, when my (very serious) Neverwinter Nights gaming group needed a guild website. I had no idea that I had begun a journey that would have countless friends and acquaintances asking me for free work for the rest of my life. Since that time, I have focused my skillsets - for the last 9 years, I have worked primarily in content management systems, with Drupal and Wordpress being my weapons of choice for development.